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Do you love prints? Do you have a thing for cute and colorful things? Most importantly, are you crazy about stationery products? If you answered yes, then you're in the right place.

Creative Bunny Prints was born from my wish to make 100% unique pattern design work. I am inspired by illustrations, cartoons/movies, colors, but mainly, cute things, and that is reflected in my work. My production relies on a print on demand process. What is print on demand, you ask? I'm glad to explain! It means my products will only be made when the customer makes an order. It does take a bit more time to get your order, but in exchange you'll be helping the environment since print on demand is a sustainable process. With it there's less material waste, no need for storage space, and reduction on carbon emissions.

Creative Bunny products are great for daily use, either for taking notes, sketching, or carrying your laptop, art supplies, and books; we've got you covered! We have a wide selection of prints perfect for every taste.

Creative Bunny's notebooks, tote bags, stickers, pin buttons and backpacks make the perfect gift for friends, family, couples, or even yourself! Take a piece of creativity with you whenever and anywhere you want.